5 Exercises That Give You That Brazilian Butt Lift Look

5 Exercises That Give You That Brazilian Butt Lift Look
5 Exercises That Give You That Brazilian Butt Lift Look

There are many different exercise moves that can help sculpt the booty.

To understand how today’s most popular in-home butt lifting workout gets you results, you need to understand Leandro’s Carvahlo’s 5 most utilized exercises in his fitness program Brazilian Butt Lift.

These moves are described in detail here with the intent of giving you a sampling of the exercises you’ll see in the program that you can do on your own as a trial.

It may sound very simple to just do these 5 moves and your butt will look better, but more is involved.

It’s the organization of all these moves that help make the Butt Lift exercises provide real results. 


Squat Butt Lift

First is the most basic and simple exercise move.

The Squat.

This targets your quadriceps, glutes, and hips.

Simply hold 15-pound weights in your hands.

Stand at a width about the size of a shoulder-length, stick that booty out, keep your shoulders back and reenact sitting on a bench using your legs to provide you with the balance.

If this is an issue, but all your weight into your heels and squat as far as you can.

You’ll want to get a good 20 repetitions in and if you are feeling this in your backside, you are working the right muscles. 

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The second is the Deadlift.

Using the same 15-pound weights, stand straight at first and roll your shoulders front to back, and then like the Squat, bend.

Bend your knees but once they are bent, don’t move them. 

How Do I Get A Brazilian Butt Lift Without Surgery This 4 Move Workout Is Just For You

Image Source: gymguider.com

Let the booty stick out and let your arms dangle by your side.

Keep your back straight and try to touch your toes.

You will feel the burn in your hips.

This move will get you sweating because it is naturally uncomfortable but without using too much equipment, you can really work out those thighs doing this move.

Do 20 repetitions to give the lower back, hips, thighs, and butt a good workout.


Frog Legs

Third, if the Frog Legs move.

This movement focuses on getting that booty fuller and plump in all the right places.

Using a stability ball or what others call a balance ball you want to have your belly on the ball and arms trying to touch the ground.

Put your heels together and leave those toes apart kind of like a frog would.

The knee should make a 90-degree angle and begin to benchpress those ankles.

Your hands on the ground and your belly on the ball will provide the challenge of finding stability.

Having ankle weights will add to the toughness of this workout move.

Move from your core. 

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Image Source: womenshealthmag.com

This exercise targets the booty so do about 20 repetitions and then do 20 more but lift and hold this position.

Stationary Lunge Move

Stationary Lunge

Fourth is the Stationary Lunge move.

Position yourself and be prepared to do a simple lunge with 15-pound weights in each hand.

One key to doing successful lunges is to keep the knee on top of the ankle.

Do not let the knee slide in front of the ankle, make that position like a pole and keep it firm.

This will make your thighs really have to work for it each time you dive down.

Doing the move halfway is a double.

So do 10 single lunges and then do 10 doubles.

For each side do this move and after those full 20 dive down and then come up halfway.

This really puts the burn into your thighs hips and lower back.

This move helps sculpt your thighs so that they don’t stick out like you The Incredible Hulk.

This gives the booty a proper pop if you keep your balance and form correctly.


Legs Arabesque Butt

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Image Source: health.usnews.com

Fifth is the Legs Arabesque move.

Using the stability ball again, start out just like the Frog Legs move with belly on the ball and hands on the floor.

The focus will be on those thighs and hips.

With your legs straight you’ll want to lift your legs like your legs are going to levitate.

Think of this as a reverse pushup in every shape and form but your legs doing all the lifting.

Do this 20 times and then be ready to do the same thing but lift and hold those legs out straight.

This gives your hamstrings a major workout.

Some of the moves seem easy and some of the moves will be challenging.

The bottom line is that each muscle group is focused on the Brazilian Butt Lift and in the Master Series, you can see more at Brazilian butt lift Wikipedia.

The stability ball which is utilized in the Master Series really helps in setting up some difficult moves without setting yourself up for injury.

Hamstrings, hips, thighs, glutes, and the lower back are all focused on in the Brazilian Butt Lift.

The burn will be felt everywhere around your thighs and hips and lower body.

The moves work because they target the hardest areas to attack your own and you will get results.

Challenge yourself with these few moves first and then check out the rest of the Brazilian Butt Lift to experience the full range of results. 

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