About New Makeup For 2022

About New Makeup For 2022
About New Makeup For 2022

Of course, you have already seen enough fashion shows and already understand the new trends of the coming season.

After hundreds of viewed photos, I would like to tell you about those new products and makeup techniques that can be painlessly transferred from the catwalk into our lives.

Moreover, we have long-awaited holidays with corporate parties and parties ahead of us.

The first and main trend is “Naturalness and Minimalism”.

Girls, it is really difficult to look “not wearing makeup” and at the same time beautiful and fresh.

There are several important points here.

The skin should be smooth and free from blemishes.

Of course, you need to use a minimum of cosmetics and only light and moist textures that add radiance to clean and well-groomed skin.

Light blush and lips slightly touched by tint or gloss.

A little lengthening mascara and an image of youth, lightness, and freshness are provided to you.

Second, no less interesting trend I call “Delicate Peach”.

The point is to use one tone (or one shade) to create light makeup and beautiful layers of silk hanfu dress-up.

This makes your look very harmonious and no less fresh and suits any type of appearance, you just need to choose your “correct” shade.

To do this, many cosmetic companies have released products that can be used as lipstick, blush, and eyeshadow.

Most often these are sticks or creamy textures in jars.

A little shine on the cheekbones and woo-a-la-express makeup with one tool are ready!

The following is the view of many fashion houses trend ” Metallic “.

Metallic shine is very popular today not only on the face but also on the nails. 

Untitled design 78

Look for trendy shades in natural shades of ocher, bronze, olive, and wine.

Eye makeup can combine several colors at once, with an accent in the middle, or only one deep color, possibly with overflow.

When choosing such makeup, leave your lips in calm nude colors so as not to overload the image.

Behind him comes the fashion for wide, that is, oooooh ” Wide eyebrows “.

But there is one important caveat – they should be the most natural, not too drawn but not running.

The point is to keep their line thick and wide.

It is best to choose the bald patches carefully so that the shade matches the color of your eyebrows.

You can carefully paint the hairs to give them fullness.

But be careful: do not overdo it, otherwise, you will turn into the heroine of the fairy tale “Frost” and another trend, not the dealer position in the new season – a “Wide graphically Arrows”.

With the right resources and convenience, you can easily draw arrows, displaying a clear line, focusing on the lower eyelid.

(If you are interested in the subject of arrows, then I am ready to expand it wider in a separate post!).

Thickness can vary depending on the structure of the eyes, but be sure to look wide and noticeable.

For those who are just starting, I advise you to draw it first with a pencil – it is easy to fix it – and then cover it with a special felt-tip pen or eyeliner.

If, nevertheless, the hand trembles, use a cotton swab to correct the line. 

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And the latest trend, which is worth paying attention to – “to kiss the lips“.

Where the main and sharpest moment is lipstick without a clear outline.

In order to get into the trend, you need to master a simple skill – shading lipstick with your fingers, as the heroines of films and TV series do.

Just apply color to the middle of the lips without affecting the outline, and stretch it a little towards the border.

This should be done lightly, touching slightly with the pads of your fingers.

The darkest and most saturated color should be in the center of the lips, as in the photo.

To summarize what I have written, I will say that there is a tendency towards lightness, minimalism, freshness, and youth.

You can choose one thing on the face and give him the solo part.

Be young and irresistible – this is today’s understanding of beauty!

As always, I will be glad to questions and your comments.

I also want to invite you to ask me future topics for posts.

Write what you would like to know from me.

Always yours, stylist-make-up artist Yana Zernikickaya. 

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