About Us

Hi, my name is Maja and my husband’s name is Milan. 

We live in Europe and after a years of dealing with tons of different online products we have decided to start our own site where we can do our reviews and tell people about the pros and cons. 

Together we had our own "family problems" office for years, which was unfortunately closed due to the Covid situation. 

We have a huge experience behind us, dealing with various family problems, child, parents, marriage, etc. 

To be honest, he was not “happy” for this idea 🙂 

But in the end I won 🙂 

We had a problem with our child years ago and after testing a few products and reading about some free stuff online, I said to myself why not at least try it. 

We have redirected our whole lives to solving other people's problems, why not try it in the virtual world as well. 

There are not enough of good advice, honestly.

And, I fell in love with all this, to be honest! 

Our child is growing up and everything is ok, thanks to God after all. 

She was not able to speak properly few years ago, then we stumble upon Child Learn Reading and after so many different craps we finally got to something that had value in it. 

You can read about our full review here

At the same time as I was having huge problem while being pregnant, I was searching, learning, buying all kinds of stuff online but nothing would help. 

In the end, because there is so much going on online, people sell products worth thousands of dollars which in reality is not worth a single $… 

I have decided to start creating my own website where I could say what I have to say. 

There is so much that I will share in the near future, as for now, you know how it is when you are parent, even if the day last 48 hours it would not be enough 🙂 

Anyway, I will give my best to help out because I know I can! 

Time will tell but I really have a lot to say about some products and, you will get reviews from first hand as they say. 

I hope you’ll stay with us 🙂 

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If you have any questions, please ask in the comment section or just PM us on FB or Twitter. 

Wish you all the best M&M 😉