Flip Flop Necklace

flip flop necklace

A fun accessory for any day – the Flip Flop Charm!

A fun reminder of beach adventures.

Love it!

Decided to wear it on a silver wire and not the gold-plated one which came with it.

I have received lots of great comments about the Flip Flop Necklace, so I thought I would give you some information on this very unique charm.

I am a mother of three and I have found that the children just love wearing flip flop necklaces.

I have worn it since I was a teenager and even now when they ask me where I got it I tell them I got it at Baskin Robbins.

You can get all different sizes, styles, colors, materials, and pieces of jewelry. 

flip flop necklace

Some of the stores that sell this type of necklace include Baskin Robbins, Pier 1 Imports, David’s Bridal, JW Marriott, Target, Dillards, and many more.

You can also find this necklace at many online retailers.

There are many other types of pieces of jewelry you can buy including flip-flops bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and even anklets!

If you are looking for something really fun and funky then you should consider these necklaces.

I have seen them at many different locations such as JW Marriott, Dillards, Pier 1 Imports, Target, Wal-Mart, and many more.

You can even find this type of item on many online websites.

The price range of these items is very inexpensive, making them a great gift idea.

No matter what your taste in fashion is, these are definitely a great choice for you! 

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