Top 3 Tower Defence Games on iOS

Top 3 Tower Defence Games on iOS
Top 3 Tower Defence Games on iOS

Games are a good time waster and they mostly revolve around our input and interaction with the game.

Not many games have this impact on us when it comes to gameplay, but the tower defense genre encapsulated both of these factors to perfection.

The keyword is perfection, placing towers in the right order and in the right place is of vital importance if you are to survive all the waves that the game throws at you.

What is a tower defense game?

Basically, it combines the elements of a real-time strategy and turn-based games into one neat package.

The game mostly begins with an empty playing field which is yours to play with and improvise as the game goes on.

As the name implies your task is to place towers on the lane, and in some cases, you take control of heroes that you can move around in a carefully planned manner.

Knowing what turret to build first and where to place it depending on what wave is up can mean a world of difference when it comes to a successful wave survival or a leak.

Surviving a wave means you will be rewarded for not leaking with bonus income plus the minions you defeated on that wave.

Once you place your towers and organize your heroes inventory correctly, the only thing that is left for you is to properly micromanage your defense.

Waves mainly consist of simple minions who once killed provide revenue that can be used to build more towers, and in some cases, some waves may have a boss battle.

Carefully laid plans of any tower defense

Let’s say a wave consists of a large group of enemies and they have a boosting minion in their ranks using that increases their speed and armor, you should check some of Best Castlevania Roms.

You are given this information before the wave starts and it’s your job to prepare a suitable defense.

This means that with the limited amount of currency ( in most cases gold ) you have left, you are to invest only in towers needed for that wave.

In this scenario, you need to have a slowing tower, an armor-piercing or decreasing tower, and lastly a tower that has an area of effect damage attack or AOE.

Understanding your enemy means you are able to prepare for him and that is crucial when mounting a proper defense.

The tower defense genre is a match made in heaven when it comes to mobile gaming.

It doesn’t require complicated button inputs or require your full attention because in most cases its gameplay consists of turn-based combat. 

defenders 2 tower defense game

Mainly you are to prepare for the incoming wave and then the game does the rest.

Here is a list of the top 3 iOS tower defense games that might grab your attention.

Dungeon Defenders

This is a prime example of how all tower defense games should be made.

Not only are you tasked with managing your towers and placing them in critical locations so they cover the right area, but you are also given heroes to assist you in your defense of the Eternia crystals.

Imagine a tower defense with RPG and fantasy action-adventure elements in one game.

What more can you ask for when it’s done in such a good way, masterful in execution, and rich in content.

Here you take control of one of 4 players with different abilities and classes.

Mainly wizards and warriors with their different combinations of physical and magical attacks.

Fight through waves of ongoing hordes of orcs, goblins. kobolds wyverns and ogres and lead your teammates to victory.

Anomaly: Warzone Earth

What a great way to mix things up, this game takes all the elements of a tower defense game and then reverses the roles.

This time you take up the role of the wave and then carefully plan your route in order to escape the lane with as many surviving units as possible.

Here you command an armored battalion of vehicles that are sent on a mission to investigate an anomaly that occurs around crashed alien ships. 

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The crashed ship in this case act as a lane that your troops go through, but unlike in most tower defense games where you are charged with leading an assault on the towers.

An interesting spin on an already good genre of tower defense.

So what are you waiting for, upgrade your vehicles, collect power-ups and plan your route in the optimal way possible if you are to ensure the survival of your convoy?

Crystal Defenders

If you are a fan of anime-style games then this tower defense game is for you.

Instead of placing towers, you are using defenders that can be placed to protect your lane.

Depending on the incoming wave you need to understand the pros and cons of your defenders since they can interact with each other.

After each wave has passes your defender revise the experience that you can use to level up your units.

Leveling them unlocks new abilities and of course, increases damage and attack speed.

With an engaging story mode and detailed tower building elements, you choose from 12 scenarios in which you protect your crystals that last for 31 waves.

If you allow the enemy to escape with 20 crystals the game is over and you must start again.

Crystals in this case act only as a pointer of how many lives you left.

Place your defenders and hone their skills to perfection, it is the only way to ensure a successful lane survival. 

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